What does heart mean on Facebook likes – Explained

Facebook likes have been an important part of the social media platform since its very beginning, to show your support, interest, or any response towards a certain post, the basic expression of like is enough. But sometimes it is not appropriate to just like a post, let us assume that someone’s dog is dead, there has been a tragedy in someone’s life. There can also be other instances like, some brutality that happened, in that case, a like is not an appropriate reaction, to express yourself, you might need to add a comment, which takes time and thought.

What does heart mean on Facebook likes?

To solve the common issue of not being able to react in an appropriate manner to someone’s post, Facebook introduced this new feature, where you can react to someone’s post in a better way. There are a few options to select from, you get to react with heart option, wow option, sad option, angry option, and other reactions added occasionally by Facebook. A popular question is ” what does heart mean on facebook likes?” the answer to which is ” The heart react means ” love” it is used to express love to the posts that are shown on one’s timeline.”

Facebook also occasionally introduces other reactions in that palette to support a cause or a movement. There have been many instances over the past years where Facebook added a reaction.

Here is a list of all the reactions you can do to someone’s post on Facebook and what they actually mean, there are currently seven reactions live on Facebook, let us know about all of them:

Facebook Like react

facebook like

Who doesn’t know about this reaction? This reaction has been there since the social media platform came into existence and popularity. This reaction has a mild sense to it, it is kind of neutral, it does not express much, and so the use of this reaction has drastically lessened since the introduction of other reactions on Facebook. But it is still the default reaction option on Facebook.

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Facebook Heart React

facebook love react

Facebook heart reaction was introduced as a way to react when you absolutely love someone’s post. This reaction is also called the ‘love reaction’. It is often used by people to express extreme adore. This reaction can be to anything either it is a cute cat or dog image, an image of a cute baby, someone’s birthday, someone’s marriage anniversary or anything. This is one of the most used reactions on Facebook currently. The heart react means ” love” it is used to express love to the posts that are shown on one’s timeline.

Facebook Haha React

facebook haha react

Facebook haha react is widely used nowadays, with the introduction of this new form of jokes and comedy called memes, it is now literally used by anyone. Not only memes, if you find someone’s post really funny, then you must definitely use this reaction to immediately let someone know that you are enjoying it. This reaction is widely popular among the young generation and is even used for healthy trolling among friends sometimes.

Facebook Sad React

facebook sad react

Facebook sad react is the one that has been very popular in the year 2020, this reaction is used when you are sad about a happening or a post. It can be the news of someone’s demise, some natural calamity, some riot, or some sadness from the past, everywhere this reaction is used. In 2020 a lot of legends around the world had passed away and this reaction was widely used by the people.

Facebook Wow React

Facebook wow react

The Facebook wow reaction is used when you are extremely fascinated by something. This is not a widely popular reaction but is still used. It is mostly used by people when the news of something extraordinary happens when people get to know about some unknown fact, or when someone showcases some extraordinary skills. It can be anything.

Facebook Angry React

facebook angry react

Facebook’s angry reaction is used when someone found something very disgusting and annoying. This can be someone’s post, some brutality happening, some bad news, some obscene content, or anything inappropriate. This reaction was also widely popular this year and has been used by a lot of people this year because of the sad and annoying events that have kept happening all year in 2020.

Facebook Care React

facebook care react

Facebook care react was recently introduced by Facebook is a support reaction during the Covid-19 crisis and is being used fairly more than other reactions on this list. Using this reaction means that you care for some person. This reaction can be done on the news of someone getting infected with the virus, news of someone being unwell, and whatnot. We believe that this reaction is more of a permanent one because a care reaction makes sense.

The bottom line

The introduction of the reaction feature was the biggest update Facebook has done to date and people absolutely loved this update since it gave people more freedom to express themselves better without having to type a long comment which required a lot of thought and time. 

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