Facebook likes not showing – [ Solved ]

Facebook likes not showing can be a huge problem if you wanted those numbers to impress people, customers, or anyone visiting your page. For businesses, it gets even more crucial to have a great number of likes on their page and Facebook posts since these numbers can help them not only in generating leads but maintaining trust and reputation among the existing and potential customers as well.

A good number of likes on Facebook tells a lot about your profile, business, or your page on Facebook. If you have more Facebook likes on your profile, it means that people are more interested in what you do. If you get more Facebook likes on your business, it means that people are more interested in your business. If you get more likes on your Facebook page it means that people are liking your content.

Facebook users and pages many times face the problem of Facebook likes not showing on their pages and posts, there can be various reasons for that which we are going to discuss in the latter part of this article.

What is the reason for Facebook likes not showing?

Here is a detailed explanation of the reasons why is Facebook not showing likes on your page, post, or profile.

1. Check your facebook likes 

Facebook was recently trying out a feature where users who have less number of likes on their Facebook posts had their likes counter removed so that they don’t feel inferior or disgusted by the less number of likes on their posts.

To solve this you need to increase the number of likes on your page and posts, doing this is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use facebook like checker tool by Fblikecheck which helps you check the amount of likes on a page.

Facebook Like Checker


Facebook Like Checker is a Free App that lets you check any Facebook Page likes country wise, A great tool for statistics and demographics of Facebook Pages. This App lets businesses see in which country they are popular based on their Facebook Page likes. If you have a Facebook Page for your Business, Band or Brand, Give it a try!


2. Plugin issues or URL break

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If you are getting your likes from a plugin on your website, then there are greater chances that there is an issue with the plugin you are using, the code can be breaking somewhere. Please make sure that you have pasted the code where it was supposed to be and also make sure that the code did not malformed. The possible causes for the malformation of a code can be loss of data while copying, or if you pasted the code elsewhere and copied it and pasted it later, then there can be chances of it.

Another cause of this can be URL break, make sure that while generating the plugin code for your Facebook page or post, you pasted the right link, if not the link can break leading to the loss of likes on your page.

3.Privacy settings

how to boost page on facebook

Another reason for Facebook likes not showing can be because of wrong privacy settings, Facebook now allows it, users, to hide the like count on their pages. This feature was introduced especially for pages with less amount of an audience, sometimes, Facebook automatically enables it as a part of their beta testing. To enable the likes to counter on your page, you need to navigate yourself to the privacy settings of your page and disable the likes count privacy settings from there, once you do this your page settings will get back to normal. 

If you want to not let this happen frequently with your page, then you need to know how to get more likes on Facebook, learning this is not an easy task, leave this task to experts at Fblikecheck.com who help you to develop the desired presence and popularity on Facebook.

4.Blacklisted or disabled page

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Yes, this can also be a reason for Facebook not showing likes on your page. There are many reasons for your page getting blacklisted. Facebook is very strict with the community guidelines, if it in anyways finds out that there is a huge influx of bot followers or inactive users who are liking your page, Facebook may disable the like count on your page. It is better to use trusted and genuine services like Fblikecheck.com to gain the desired numbers rather than dwelling on the cheap free Facebook likes methods available on the internet, which might get your page blacklisted.

5.Inappropriate or Prohibited content

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Facebook is one of the strictest social media platforms when it comes to community guidelines, Facebook does not like any inappropriate content being posted on its platform. This inappropriate content can be anything such as a spam link, a copyrighted image, semi-nude or nude photographs, a racist post, a post that uses strong language, a post that promotes self-harm, or anything. These things are either instantly taken down by Facebook, or if it falls on the boundary line, the like counter is disabled.

To prevent this make sure you know better about the Facebook community guidelines before posting anything sensitive.


Well, no we are at the end of this article, in this article, I have introduced you to the reasons for Facebook not showing likes on your page or post, make sure, you understand every reason and follow the guidelines and rules by facebook properly. Day by day, Facebook is getting even strict with its guidelines and ways of handling pages, be careful of what you post and the ways you increase your Facebook likes from.

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