How to get more likes on Facebook

Getting more likes on Facebook is what everyone wants, it is a matter of prestige, to get more and more likes. If you own a business, then you know what likes matter to you, these likes are crucial for the growth of the business. You might definitely want to know how to get more likes on Facebook in that case.

Getting more likes on Facebook is a very easy task if you know how to create engaging content, how to target the right amount of people, but sometimes, that only is not just enough. You need to know much more about it.

Well, here we have got it all sorted for you, in this article, we will tell you how to get more likes on Facebook. With these simple methods, you will surely be able to reach more people and gain more likes.

How to get more likes on Facebook?

You can follow these easy steps to get Facebook likes easily and effectively.

1. Using a service like

There are many sites available that promise you of providing free Facebook likes, but these free Facebook likes are not actually free, these Facebook likes come at a huge cost, a huge cost of your privacy.

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The methods used on the website are 100% safe and do not get you blacklisted from facebook.

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2. Engage with people

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One of the most effective ways to get Facebook likes and followers easily is to engage with more and more people on your posts. The more you engage with people, the more are the chances of your post popping on their feeds and them interacting with your posts. Make sure you don’t type a pre-defined reply to their comments, coz, After all, everyone likes a personal touch!

3. Create unique content

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If you are getting inspired by somebody else’s content, and in some way try to copy someone’s post, then stop immediately!! This can take your page in a bad direction, make sure you have a unique and interesting way of presenting things, your posts should be in tune with what’s trending nowadays. 

A unique post has more chances of getting engagements from people, you can then turn these engagements to your benefit, you can tell people more about your product, or what you do after you get a comment from them, if not, make sure you reply to that comment in a personalized way.

4. Remix popular posts

Yes, you read it right. Remixing popular posts is one the most effective way of getting more Facebook likes, this way, you don’t run out of content easily, and not only that it saves you some extra time while creating posts.

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Remixing of posts does not mean that you have to create the exact same content in a different way, in fact, it means that you have to follow a certain type of content that is gaining more popularity than other stuff. This remixing needs to be done carefully, the viewers should in no way feel that the content is repetitive.

5. Offer discounts and conduct giveaways

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This is one most effective ways for brands and businesses to gain more audience and reviews from people. More discounts encourage people to buy more from the brand, these discounts can make people buy from your business, even when they don’t want to.

You can also do giveaways on your page and profile, these giveaways can be done by asking the participants to complete certain tasks like sharing the post, tagging their friends. These small tactics will bring more free Facebook likes to your page and allow you to get more engagement.

6. Keep your posts short and up to the point

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Remember, in this fast-moving and changing world, everyone likes things to be on point, if the caption of your post is too long, nobody would even care to read it. You need to use the precise amount of words to get Facebook likes. The point of your post should be straight up clear for everyone. While creating a video, make sure you keep it under 5 minutes for informative videos and under 30 seconds for promotional videos.

If you are creating promotional videos, then to get more Facebook likes, you should first provide value to the people, start with something interesting and later drive people to your brand by promoting it indirectly in your video.

7. Plan your content

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Planning is the most important part of any process, if you have a plan, you will do good. You similarly need a plan for your content too. You should deeply monitor the time when people engage the most with the content. You should also monitor the amount of likes shares and comments on each post and then shortlist the best-performing ones. If you know what kind of posts work well for you, you should create the content in the same way.

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The bottom line

Getting more Facebook likes is easy, one quick way is to use services from websites like The other way is helpful too, but they need time and investment, you need to change the perspective and the way you create and manage your content to get more likes. Well, this was all from our article on how to get more likes on facebook. Hope you liked the article, please share this with everyone.

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